I’m Bernard T. Paige, my friends call me “B”.

I build, rebuild and maintain brands through persuasive and creative storytelling. Together, we develop the proper strategy to achieve your mission.

I don’t have clients; I have friends.
— Bernard T. Paige


B2B & B2C Marketing Strategy and Execution
B2B & B2C Advertising Strategy and Execution
Filmmaking & Editing
Photography and Graphic Design
Voiceovers and Modeling
B2B and B2C Marketing Consulting
Political Consulting and Campaign Management

I got all kinds of profitable tricks up my sleeve.

I got all kinds of profitable tricks up my sleeve.

Job Description

  • Planning, directing, and coordinating marketing efforts.

  • Communicating the marketing plan.

  • Researching demand for products and services.

  • Competitor research.

  • Working with sales department to develop pricing strategies to maximize profits and market share while balancing customer satisfaction.

  • Identifying potential customers.

  • Developing promotions.

  • Develop budgets and marketing financials, including expenditures, research and development appropriations, return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.

  • Compiling lists describing our offerings.

  • Developing and managing advertising campaigns.

  • Building brand awareness and positioning.

  • Supporting sales and lead generation efforts.

  • Coordinating marketing projects from start to finish.

  • Organizing company conferences, trade shows, and major events.

  • Overseeing social media marketing strategy and content marketing.

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